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Cancellation Policy

Don't risk losing any progress or recovery by missing appointments!

- InTune Clinic reserves the right to charge a late cancelation fee for any appointments unattended or cancelled late (within 24 hours).
- The fee is equal to the cost of a consultation - £70.
- If more that 3 non-attendances/late cancellations occur within 3 months we reserve the right to prevent any future bookings for a period of 3 months to allow other clients access to our services.
- InTune Clinic will be as helpful as possible. Appointment confirmation will be sent on booking via email and a reminder for any appointment is sent 24 hours prior to any appointment via text and email.

Overdue Payment Policy

- InTune Clinic reserves the right to remind any client about settling any outstanding balances for any services booked or cancellation fees incurred as per our cancellation policy.
- We will try contact you with a first reminder within 10 days via call, text, voicemail and email up until 30 days.
- We will carry out our final reminder at 30 days via post. If a balance is outstanding for more than 30 days and we cannot reach you, we reserve the right to refer to a debt collection agency.
- We will need all balances settled before any more appointments can be booked.

If you are having difficulty paying, please inform us and we'll try our best to help.

Privacy Policy

Available upon request.